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"My Path from Doormat to Dignity"
by Jane Bartelmes

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Jane experienced emotional abuse as a child; this contributed to patterns of timidity and people pleasing behavior as an adult. Misunderstandings regarding biblical principles added to her confusion.  Jane's path from doormat to dignity was fraught with obstacles which makes her passionate about sharing her story with others.  She firmly believes that Christ desires his followers to be strong and courageous fighters of evil, not enablers of it.


She firmly believed in patience, forgiveness, and unconditional love – the problem was that she took these virtues too far. After decades of accepting mistreatment and remaining in unhealthy relationships, she hit a wall. People she loved and trusted hurt her deeply and repetitively – she had to change. My path from doormat to dignity is her personal story. This book grapples with the following questions:

·         Is all anger bad?

·         Is there a difference between discernment and judgment?

·         Is limitless patience a virtue or a vice?

·         What does it mean to forgive, and what doesn't it mean?

·         Does unconditional love require tolerating abuse?


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